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, and weaving blog. Documenting my oh-so exciting life of Seattle knitting and crafting. See my Sites and Blogs I Love for links to other great knitting blogs. I have free knitting patterns ; cowl patterns, scarf patterns, shawl patterns even a pillow pattern!Knitting patterns for sale, knitting pattern tips, yarn dyeing pattern tips, and I'm adding more all of the time. You can also catch me on Ravelry
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Tidbits From Blogs I Love:

"if you follow your instincts you'll cast on green and yellow and pink and red and any other colour that the winter doesn't have"
read more - Yarn Harlot

"I am just talking about a different normality than, um, normal, that is, the geometric one" - Introducing Normality on Fleegle's Blog

Kid Quote:

"Whoever invented food is a GENIUS!" - Malcolm, age 8; at a Mexican restaurant.

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